Dreams I've Read, is a poetic train of thought on dreaming, living and the space between. 

A lack of sleep can make the waking world seem only vaguely familiar. 

I found method in my mother's Nikon FE and inspiration in Haruki Murakami's "Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End Of The World". 

So I read and walked until my feet were tired and the light dimmed. Murakami's musical allusions became my lullaby. I read and I walked.

Through the grapevine of early autumn I heard sounds of a Jimi Hendrix solo. Stormy Monday blues, you know, watching the river flow with a twisted rudder. How many years can a mountain exist, before its washed to the sea(s)?


Deep rivers run quiet, I guess. The ordinary world, here today, forgot tomorrow, but not normal. ‘Always’, always brought me back to someone else I thought I could be. 


Crazy some’d say to do nothin' till you hear from me. If I was a master thief perhaps I’d rob the vacuum of my heart for what we had had in the bag’s groove.

Wish I was back in the city, instead of this old bank of sand.

Everything seemed once upon a time.

Where is the life that I recognize?

So it was I lost the light of day. Searching the skies for dreams. 

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